Chapter prefaces

Chapter 1. Big Blue --Mediterranean fish seiners

Chapter 2. The loan shark--EC closure of bluefin fishery

Chapter3.  Debating--NOAA mission statement

Chapter 4.  Off the Straits

Chapter 5.  Waiting for tuna--Natal Homing

Chapter 6.  Hooked--Longline killing

Chapter 7.  Coiling--Marissa McMahan essay on lobstering

Chapter 8.  Schoolyard fight--Overview of the Magnuson-Stevens Act

Chapter 9.  Co-op rules--Tuna stock decrease

Chapter 10. Evening cruise--Bluefin fact sheet

Chapter 11. Four women--Lubchenco new NOAA head

Chapter 12. Living room revolt--Block tracking tuna migratory movements

Chapter 13. The right-eyed flounders--NOAA flounder rules

Chapter 14. Sailing--Pew urges fishery closure

Chapter 15. Fresh and local--Catch shares management

Chapter 16. Codfish games--Illegal fishing pays

Chapter 17. Fishing--Global fish crisis

Chapter 18. Investigating--Canadian fisheries collapse

Chapter 19. Cheaters--NE Council expands sector management

Chapter 20. Tagging--Population structure of Atlantic bluefin

Chapter 21. Overboard--Greenpeace International seafood red list

Chapter 22. The bluefin summit--Bluefin tuna ban fails

Chapter 23. Hauling--Study shows rebuilding of fishery is on the right course

Chapter 24. Searching--Lubchenco and recreational fishing

Chapter 25. A different ocean--Lubchenco bluefin statement