Fishermen emptying a trawl net.

The research behind the book

The Red Ocean floats on a foundation of news, stories, and scientific research about bluefin, about fishing, and about the environment. The chapter prefaces represent a selective window into that foundation, a window that reflects the author’s editorial biases. But readers are entitled to and should form their own opinions about the issues involved. The Forum is one place to discuss those opinions.

Here, in the reference and research section of this web site, is where some of the evidence is accumulated.  One section, CHAPTER PREFACES, contains the full text of pieces that are sometimes condensed or abridged in the chapter prefaces.  BACKGROUND RESEARCH  is the place to find pieces that missed the cut, interesting in their own right but not deemed appropriate for a preface section. The NMFS GLOSSARY is just that, a listing of terms used in NOAA fisheries documents and in the industry. Some of these terms appear in the fiction and some don’t. Finally, there is a set of LINKS to other information sources.