Catching bluefin off Brittany (France) in 1947; I’m guessing it is Dr. Michael Lerner (USA) in the chair. Americans brought gear and outboard motors over by ocean liner


Welcome to The Red Ocean

Some books are fiction and some are fact. While a novel is typically a work of fiction, this book has a substantial chunk of non-fiction in it.  Each chapter is prefaced with something out of the real world that relates to what happens in the following chapter. Some of this non-fiction material comes from news stories about the bluefin tuna, some from scientific articles, and some from NOAA news releases. I think reading both the non-fiction and the fictional story are worthwhile, but if you the reader only want the fictional story, you won’t miss any story elements by skipping the non-fiction chapter prefaces.

You will miss, however, learning a lot about a magnificent creature, the bluefin tuna, and how we may be fishing it to extinction.  Some readers have accused me of distorting the environmental situation by not presenting a more balanced view of the tuna’s plight. I disagree.  I believe the picture I offer is accurate and the tuna’s situation urgent.

This web site is designed to give you the opportunity to decide for yourself. There are several links to lead you to current scientific opinions.  There is a forum where you can give voice to your own point of view, plus you can respond to the author's blog posts. I encourage and welcome participation by all stakeholders — commercial fishermen, recreational fishermen, environmentalists, researchers, government regulators, those in the seafood industry, and all of us who eat fish. Let’s hear what you have to say.